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Month: March 2017

How to Strengthen Your Base

Posted on March 6, 2017  in Clash of Clans

As you get further in the game, the buildings in your base will start to cost a lot more. Beginning with town hall six, they may cost more than 500,000 gold or elixir each. Because of this, you will want to upgrade your resource buildings as quickly as possible so you can gain more loot quickly. Next to should be your defense buildings. It is important to save up as much elixir and cold as you can. Before you log off the game, use all your resources so no one will still them. Find the troops that do not require much elixir in your army camps and train them.

Upgrade your collectors and minds first. As you upgrade your buildings, more loot can be collected each time. Do not worry about upgrading your vaults yet. Otherwise you will have to much loot. After your most expensive buildings have been upgraded, you can then level up your vaults. If you have extra loot, upgrade your walls are reset your defenses and traps until you have used it up.

Next, upgrade your small defenses. Your cannons and archer towers should be leveled up first since they are low damage defenses and are easy to upgrade. If you upgrade all your archer towers at one time, and then your cannons, this will benefit you by helping your defenses against both flying and ground troops. Also consider upgrading your traps and bombs as they are inexpensive.

Once the smaller defenses have been upgraded, start upgrading your bigger defenses. Clan wars and rating will help you to bring in the loot you need for the bigger defenses. These bigger defenses, such as Inferno towers, X-bows, and others cost a lot for upgrading. Try to save your clan war bonus and treasury bonus for when it is necessary.

Once the defenses have been taken care of, began working on your office of buildings. Your Clan Castle should be upgraded first. You will need to use your village guards to help protect any loot you have and to continue attacking so you can add more gold. You will also want to upgrade your army camps so you can have more troops for attacking.


Once these are done, upgrade any extra buildings such as your spell factory in laboratory. To have the strongest base you can, you will need to level up your buildings to their maximum level.


Month: March 2017

Choosing a Base Design that is Effective

Posted on March 1, 2017  in Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, building up your base is one of the main things you must do. It can be hard work building the most effective base to defend your village. Below are some ideas to help you get started.

Selecting a layout for your base is a very important aspect of the game. There are several ideas you can use, but you may have to try a few before you find what works best for you. Some of the design choices will help you defend against attacks and better balance your resources.

One great base design is the diamond layout. This layout requires you to place your town hall and resources in the middle, then surround them with walls. He will then add defenses around that and put walls to protect those also. Your minds and collectors will help balance out space until it looks like a diamond. The corners of the grass field to build your builder huts so the enemies will attack them first and lose.

Another great design is the army camp based design. This is generally the same as the diamond layout, but the army camps are placed at the four corners. Surround the Army’s with walls.

Building a star-shaped base is another option to consider. This one is built by starting with a triangle or square compartment. Use other shaped compartments to work your way around the original compartment. For the best protection, that your resources in town hall in the middle of the base design.

If none of these designs work for you, try out other options to find out what works best for you. Regardless of the kind of base you use, include strong walls and defenses. You also want to prevent the enemies from penetrating by placing some traps. Use some of the tricks that you read about above to help you with your design, such as the spaced walls or the double layered wall trick. You will want your base to be effective so it can be defended against many attacks.